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In the 80s, Eric Kilburn played regularly at legendary Club Passim in Cambridge, MA. Before being the featured artist, he opened for Shawn Colvin, Tracy Chapman and Eric Andersen and had songs covered by Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger.


Eric started a family in 1989 and changed focus from performing to building his studio, Wellspring Sound, now one of the largest studios in New England.


Fast forward to 2019 when Eric’s youngest child graduated from college and he put together his first album since 1990, “My Own Mistakes,” a song cycle starting with the reflections of an expectant father, and concluding with a story of being the oldest man at the Thanksgiving table. These new songs earned Eric a spot at Kerrville’s New Folk Songwriting contest.


With his songwriting fire rekindled, Eric spent time during the pandemic writing and recording his next album from home. “Reckonings” contains four songs that deal with racial justice in America, as well as several humorous and ironic songs about life and relationships in the 21st century.

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"Eric Kilburn's "Reckonings" brings us a mix of engaging acoustic songs, some about life and love, others reflecting on social and civil rights history. It's a thoughtful, intimate, recommended recording."

- TAYLOR CAFFERY, Hootenanny Power on WRKF in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


"Eric Kilburn's new record, "Reckonings," is one of the best I have heard in a while. Eric writes real songs. His songs have something to say, and are presented with clear, observant, often clever lyrics."

- LARRY HOYT, Common Threads on WAER in Syracuse, New York


"Eric Kilburn recorded really nice records of his own back in the day before he made his day job recording other folk's records beautifully (Catie Curtis, Martin Sexton, Vance Gilbert). It's a joy to have him back making and singing brilliant songs again."

- KEVIN VANCE, A Patchwork Quilt on KALW in San Francisco, California


"Reckonings" runs the gamut from tender love songs and quiet confessions to socially conscious storytelling from the past and today. Let's hope we continue to hear more from Eric Kilburn."

- CHRIS KOCHER, The Signal on WHRW in Binghamton, New York


"Eric Kilburn produced a compelling musical smorgasbord with heartfelt messages on love, loss, racism, the pandemic, experience, and introspection. He worked with a very talented group of musicians to produce this rewarding and enjoyable collection of songs."

- JACK DUGAN, Folk Odyssey on WIOX in Roxbury, New York

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