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release date: February 1, 2023

artist: Eric Kilburn

album: “Reckonings”

label: Wellspring Records

In the 80s, Eric Kilburn played regularly at legendary Club Passim in Cambridge, MA. Before being the featured artist, he opened for Shawn Colvin, Tracy Chapman and Eric Andersen and had songs covered by Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger.


Eric started a family in 1989 and changed focus from performing to building his studio, Wellspring Sound, now one of the largest studios in New England.


Fast forward to 2019 when Eric’s youngest child graduated from college and he put together his first album since 1990, “My Own Mistakes,” a song cycle starting with the reflections of an expectant father, and concluding with a story of being the oldest man at the Thanksgiving table. These new songs earned Eric a spot at Kerrville’s New Folk Songwriting contest.


With his songwriting fire rekindled, Eric spent time during the pandemic writing and recording his next album from home. “Reckonings” contains four songs that deal with racial justice in America, as well as several humorous and ironic songs about life and relationships in the 21st century.

All songs by Eric Kilburn

1. She Do (2:57) LANGUAGE WARNING: “goddam” at 1:35

2. Nobody Told Me (3:12) the passing of friends during the pandemic: "nobody told me about his ache".

3. Lucky (4:21) white privilege, inspired by Gov. Ron DeSantis banning of books teaching critical race theory.

4. You Just Know (3:05) life’s true riches, love: "some things we learn so slow, some things we just know".

5. The Wheel Meets The Road (4:39) abolitionist John Brown’s journey: so few people would carry that load".


6. Plans (3:29) the teenage boy saving for a Les Paul Guitar.


7. Over Myself (2:23) a song to first-borns everywhere.


8. The Choice (5:02) 1968 Olympics black power salute and it’s lifelong repercussions: "whatcha gonna do".


9. Making A Living (4:28) the instinct to take what I can get.


10. Smarter (3:42) persistence in love: "three times I did return".


11. Wonderful Life (Last Visit To The Vet) (3:20) from the perspective of a beloved pet: "I had a wonderful life".


12. Long Road (5:15) the story of Emmett Till


13. Waiting At Your Door (3:23) support and love for a friend struggling with long Covid: "you are not alone".


14. Let Evening Come (3:22) inspired by poem by Jane Kenyon: "find your place of rest".

Reckonings #2 Album on Folk Radio for February 2023 2 Top 15 Singles.png
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