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"Good Songs! We need humor badly! I’ve sent them the Sing Out."

-Pete Seeger

“A witty and insightful songwriter… Kilburn is a skillful guitarist and has a distinctive, full-bodied voice… a diverse and extremely talented performer." 

-The Boston Globe

“I like this song, but I can’t remember the name of the guy who wrote it."

-Arlo Guthrie (about “The Anti- Garden Song”)

“Sounded great - nice guitar work!" 

-Tom Rush


“You really picked the hell out of that guitar - when are you going to make an album?”

-David Mallet


“You can always count on fresh and insightful lyrics, a distinctly expressive voice and top-notch musicianship from Eric Kilburn. He’s done it again with his new CD “My Own Mistakes.” “Memory Line" is real gem; featuring harmonies by Anna Huckabee Tull.”

-Catie Curtis


“Witty writing and exemplary musicianship.” 

-Vermont Vanguard


"Your new album absolutely rocks! Incredible, mature, wry, reflective, funny-wise gems to a song. You should be really proud of that work - a testament to a lifetime's love of great songwriting. You deserve your Kerrville kudos!"

-Mark Simos, Grammy-Nominated Songwriter

“Eric is a versatile musician and a perceptive observer. He has penned an eclectic, humorous and insightful musical portrait of his life from childhood through parenthood. From the wild and crazy to the pensive and suspenseful, you’ll be glad you came along for the ride."

-Cindy Kallet

“..a great songwriter, able to combine all the emotions, moving our hearts with your stories, humor, sad tales, and ultimately compassion.”

-Nick Page

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