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“My Own Mistakes” is a song cycle, composed of material beginning before my children were born and ending with me realizing that I was the oldest man at the Thanksgiving table.  There’s nothing like having children to help us understand our own childhoods better, and I hope these songs convey some of the joys, fears, struggles and redemptions that I’ve found along the way.


Memory Line - written shortly after my father passed away, it’s a reflection on the passage of time and the memories that are triggered in daily life.


Near Life Experiences - the anxieties and anticipations of an expectant father.  Featuring my son Ben’s fetal heartbeat, recorded at the midwife’s office.


Baby Blues - if a baby could sing the blues, this might be what came out.  Featuring the virtuosity of Kevin Barry on electric guitar.


Walkin’ With the Boy - when my children learned to walk, it opened up a whole new world for them and for me.  One of the biggest joys of parenting was walking in the woods with them.


Wait A Minute - “ I wanna make my own mistakes”.  This song is a reflection on how often we ignore the advice of our elders. Written in the mid-80’s around the time my friends started having babies.


Look Cool - teenage boy angst, written in my late 20’s, when the memories were still fresh.


Curious - a song about how confusing our sexuality can be.  We start from an innocent place, and it gets more difficult from there.


Mystery Strings - sometimes I’m amazed that we survive long enough to have children. “We ain’t owed anything in life”.


Can You Forgive - forgiving our parents can be the hardest thing.


Fledglings - a song about saying goodbye to one's children as they grow up and leave the home.


Tell Me A Story - a humorous reflection on early relationships; “Time is a great deceiver and I like it that way”.


Tall Tree - written when I realized that I’m the oldest man at the Thanksgiving table, this song is an appreciation of the men who came before me and the families they helped raise.

"My Own Mistakes" (Digital Files)

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